Teach Music Online Membership

Make Your Dream Studio Your Reality

TMO (Teach Music Online) is a video course and coaching membership designed to help studio owners build, market, and scale their online music studio.

Whether you’re brand new to online teaching or an established studio owner, TMO will challenge you to work at your highest level. It’s designed to turn your studio into a fully automated and beautifully branded business to bring in higher profits and help you impact students everywhere.

Comprehensive guidance for building, marketing, and scaling your online music studio.

Teach Music Online features innovative teaching techniques to help you reach your financial and creative goals doing the work you love--while impacting the lives of countless students in the process.

A Word from Carly 

After 8 years in business and teaching online in more than 15 countries, I can confidently say that when you have the right setup, tools, and business automation that you can easily grow your teaching income.

Marketing yourself as an online teacher will take some shifting and pivoting but with the right training and tools, it can also be incredibly fun!

Online lessons allow you to share your gift with students around the world who need YOU. My hope is that you won’t limit yourself by teaching only within your community but offer yourself to the world.

The world has never needed your unique brilliance more than it does today.

Each and every student who joins your studio is a human being with a unique personality, dreams, problems, and the belief that you might be able to help them. You’re not just building a music studio, you’re building something that impacts lives and allows you to live the life you’ve always wanted.

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Is Teach Music Online Right for me?

If you want to learn how to present your business online, grow a global business, and finally charge premium teaching rates, TMO is right for you. Our ideal members fall into one of these categories.

Beginner Teachers

Is it your dream to create a studio where you can teach quality students and find them anywhere in the world? In TMO you'll learn incredible teaching methods, techniques for marketing, and how to charge a premium price for high-quality students.

Established In-Person Studios

Have you been teaching for many years, have lots of students, but don't have an online presence or established brand? Inside TMO you'll learn the exact steps for building a website, growing your social accounts, and collecting glowing reviews to easily fill a wait-list of eager students.

Successful Business Owners

Are you teaching full-time and have a growing wait-list of students? Are you looking for ways to modernize or innovate your current teaching methods? Inside TMO you’ll find amazing resources, coaching, and community to take your business to a new level.

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